Constitution and Rules


  1. NAME

The club shall be called Great Bradfords Football Club (the “Club”). 


The objects of the club shall be to provide facilities, promote the game of grassroots football, to arrange matches and social events for its members, and community participation in the same.



These rules (the “Club rules”) form a binding agreement between each member of the club.



(a) The members of the club shall so exercise their rights, powers and duties and shall, where appropriate, use their best endeavours to ensure that the others conduct themselves so that the business and affairs of the Club are carried out in accordance with those from The Football Association (“The FA”), County Football Association with which the Club is affiliated (for the purpose of the Club this shall be Essex County Football Association “ECFA”) and competitions with which the Club participates.


(a)(i) For the purposes of the Club we shall enter the following competitions; County Motor Works Vauxhall Mid-Essex Saturday Football League, Braintree and North Essex Sunday League, Colchester and District Youth Football League, Blackwater and Dengie Youth Football League, Essex County Girls Football League, Essex County Football Association Cup Competitions.


(a)(ii) Any competition not listed above with is subject to resolution of an AGM or SGM and approval before it can be entered by the Club.


(b) The Club rules will be written in accordance with the Football Association (FA) and Essex County Football Association (ECFA) standard code.


(b)(i) Any alteration to rules must be submitted to the secretary in writing no later than 30th April each year.


(c) The Club shall also abide by The FA’s Safeguarding Children Policies and Procedures, Codes of Conduct and the Equal Opportunities and Anti-Discrimination Policy as shall be in place where necessary.



(a) The Club shall have three sections of membership. Youth teams, girls teams and senior teams. All sections of the club hold the same rights as set within the Club rules, except the senior teams who shall not have any tour rights.


(b)YOUTH AND GIRLS MEMBERSHIP: A registration form must be signed together with a copy of birth certificate and a digital photo plus a fee of £35.00 for 11-a-side, £30.00 for 9-a-side, £25.00 for 7-a-side and 5-a-side which must be paid before any player is eligible to play for the club. For second, third registration for same family this fee will be reduced by £5.00.


(b)(i) Match and training fees will be collected, via standing order, on a monthly basis in advance for 10 months between August and May. For ALL non-competitive teams will be £15.00 and the competitive teams will be £20.00 per month.


(b)(ii) Any player joining the club after 1st January in a playing season registration fees will be halved.


(b)(iii) Any player failing to pay their registration fees before 31st October will not be permitted to play until such a time as the fees have been paid, unless alternative communication has been agreed with at least three signing members of the executive management committee.


(b) (iv) Any player failing to pay their registration fees before the agreed date will be subject to charges as per the club fines tariff.


(b) (v) ALL teams will be required to attend registration day during off season to complete registrations/ standing orders and pay required fees as set out in these rules and constitution.


(c) SENIOR MEMBERSHIP: A registration form must be signed with a copy of photo identification and a digital photo plus registration fee. The registration fee for Saturday League football will be set at £65.00 for the season. The registration fee for Sunday League football will be set at £45.00 for the season.


(c)(i) Match Fees shall be collected, via standing order, on a monthly basis in advance between the months of September and November. Saturday League football the monthly fee shall be £20.00, Sunday League football the monthly fee shall be £10.00. The total therefore payable for Saturday League by November is £125.00 and for Sunday League football £75.00.


(c)(ii) Any player joining the club after 1st January in a playing season registration fees will be halved.


(c)(iii) Any player failing to pay their registration fees before 31st October will not be permitted to play until such a time as the fees have been paid, unless alternative communication has been agreed with club signatories.


(c)(iv) Any player failing to pay their registration fees before the agreed date will be subject to charges as per the club fines tariff.


(c) (v) ALL teams will be required to attend registration day during off season to complete registrations/ standing orders and collect fees.


(d) In the event of a resignation or expulsion from the Club the members name shall be removed from the membership register.


(d) (i) The management committee hold the right to cancel any membership in line with disciplinary procedures.


(e) The FA and ECFA shall be given access to the Membership register on demand.


(f)  Any youth player eligible to play for the senior/ladies teams can register for that senior/ladies team, but cannot play unless released (game by game) by the team manager where the original registration was obtained.


(f) (i) Managers are not to play players from other eligible age groups in preference to players that are available and actually registered for that particular team. Any request for a player to play for another age group, for which he is eligible should be with the consent of BOTH team managers.


(g) The management committee shall be empowered to request further documentary proof of age/date of birth, i.e. birth certificate, of any player should there be any doubt or dispute regarding a players’ age /date of birth. This before the said player is registered for any age group, or at any time during the season.


(h) Any player playing at youth level for Great Bradfords FC will not be permitted to play for another team unless agreement is given by the Great Bradfords FC committee and team manager they currently play for, this for the purpose of individual league eligibility rules.


(i)  All coaches/officers at Great Bradfords FC undertaking courses paid for by the club will be required to sign the Great Bradfords FC Coaching Agreement.


(j). All perspective club members will have a meeting with the executive committee before being inducted to the club, other members may be invited to such a meeting dependant on circumstance, for example the Coaching Development Officer may be invited to a new coach meeting.



(a) A member shall cease to be a member of the club from the date of which notice is received.


(a) (i) A member wishing to complete a transfer to another club must obtain permission of the Club Secretary first to confirm all financial ties are broken and kit returned. The process may take up to 14 days from day of initial contact with the secretary.


(b) The Club committee shall have the power to expel a member when, in its opinion, it is not in the best interest of the Club for them to remain a member. An appeal against such a decision may be received by the Club committee within 14 days of the decision.


(c) A member who has resigned or been expelled shall not be entitled to any reimbursement from the Club.


(c) (i) A member who has resigned or been expelled shall return all Club equipment and kit and ensure owed fees are paid prior to the official cancellation of the registration. Any failure to do so will invoke the FA Debt Recovery Procedure and potential Sine Die.


(d) Misconduct (unsporting conduct)

At the discretion of each team member or club member to bring to the notice of the management committee any incident deemed to be unacceptable to the reputation and welfare of the club. The right to appeal to any player/member. Any incident reported to the management committee shall be dealt with in accordance to the club disciplinary procedure.


(e) No players’ registration can be cancelled by a team manager, only by management committee decision, or by the player himself.


(f) Code of conduct – Managers, players, coaches, parents, club referees, and first aiders should familiarise themselves with and respect club rules as well as the F.A. respect code of conduct.


(g) All committee members are expected to provide information and complete CRC’s as requested by any member of the executive management committee including but not limited to the Child Welfare Officer and Secretary.


(h) (i) In accordance with Child Welfare policies and agreements NO club member will take part in coaching or involved with the children until a satisfactory CRC has been completed and verified by the Child Welfare Officer.


(I) Any player that owes the club a debt of more than or equal to £75 shall be suspended from playing for the club until such a debt is settled below the £75 threshold.



(a) The Club Executive Committee shall consist of: Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Senior Secretary, Youth Treasurer, Senior Treasurer, Child Welfare Officer and Deputy, Fixture Secretary, Club Development Officer and Liaison Officer.


(a) (i) A voting majority on any proposed vote requires five (5) of the executive committee to be present.


(b) The General Committee shall consist of the Executive Committee and all Team Managers and Team Secretaries, including any other voted upon role within the club.


(c) A meeting of the General Committee shall be held each month during the playing season.


(c) (i) The Club Secretary will notify all members of any meeting giving not less than 7 days’ notice.


(c) (ii) Failure for representation of a team at three monthly meetings within a playing season may result in disciplinary action or fine as per Rule 11.


(d) The management committees shall meet as often as is deemed necessary.


(e)  All decisions shall be kept in record of the Club Minutes by the Club Minute Secretary.


(f) An outgoing member of the committee may be re-elected. During a playing season any vacancy arising in between AGMs shall be filled by a member proposed by one (1) and seconded by another one (1) of the clubs remaining committee members approved by a 75% majority of the General Committee.


(g) Save as provided in the Football Association and Essex County FA standard code the Club Executive Committee shall have the power to decide all questions and disputes with regards to the Club rules.


(h) The position of any Club Officer shall be vacated if notice is given by Essex County Football Association with regard to a suspension from holding the considered role.


(i) If there is a dispute between players or parents and manager, it should be dealt with, in the first instance, by the Team Secretary and Manager only. Failure to resolve the problem should then be bought to the attention of the Executive committee within one week. The committee should then form a sub-committee as per the club disciplinary procedure. The General committee, with the majority vote of the General committee BEING FINAL, should discuss the sub committee’s decision. The sub-committee will inform the person/s of a decision made by the full committee within 48 hours.


(j) The decision of the executive committee in any matter shall be final, including the removal of any person or persons from office or membership of the club.


(k) The executive committee shall have sole discretion on the offering of any participation in club subsidised events.



(a) An AGM shall be held each year to;


(i) Receive a report of the Club over the previous year;

(ii) Receive a report of the Club’s finances over the previous year;

(iii) Elect members of the club committee; and

(iv) Consider any other business.


(b) Nominations for election of members as Club Officers or as members of the General or Executive Committee shall be made in writing by the proposer and seconder, both of whom must be existing members of the club, to the Club Secretary not less than 21 days prior to the date of the AGM. Notice of any resolution to be proposed at the AGM shall be given in writing to the Club Secretary not less than 21 days prior to the date of the AGM.


(c) An SGM shall be called at any time by no less than 50% of Club General Committee Members. This shall be called within 21 days of the Club Secretary receiving written request from the Committee Members, stating the requisitions to be discussed. Business at an SGM may be any business that may be transacted at an AGM.


(d) An EGM shall only be called by the Club Secretary under extraordinary circumstances. The required notice of this may be less than 48 hours. The Club Secretary will explain in form of email the requisitions to be discussed at an EGM. Business at an EGM may be any business that may be transacted at an AGM.


(e) The quorum for a General Meeting shall be a minimum of 2/3 voting Club Committee members.


(f) The Chairperson or in their absence the Vice Chairperson shall chair a General meeting. Each member present shall be entitled to one vote and resolutions shall be passed by simple majority. In an event of equality of votes the chairperson of the meeting shall have a casting vote.


(g) An SGM shall be called each playing season of the Executive Committee to discuss the Club awards for service. Each member present shall be entitled to one vote and winner shall be passed by simple majority. In an Event of quality of votes the chairperson of the meeting shall have a casting vote.


(g) (i) Nominations for the Club awards for service may be received at any point in the playing season but not later than 31st March each year.


(h) The Club Minute Secretary or in their absence another nominated committee member shall make record of all General Meetings.



(a) The club’s bank account shall be held at the National Westminster Bank plc, High Street, Braintree, Essex.


(b). The senior team(s) will operate from a separate bank account held at National Westminster Bank plc, High Street, Braintree, Essex


(c) The club’s accounts will be reviewed every season. A financial statement must be prepared, which must be verified by an appropriately qualified person. Books will close by 31st May each year.


(d) Committee members can claim all reasonable expenses incurred from the club.


(d) (i) The club chairperson, secretary and senior secretary shall be entitled to claim 25% of a phone bill for the purposes of their club related work they complete monthly.


(e) The management committee to be kept informed in respect of any fundraising activity by any age group, for whatever reason, and above the normal fundraising of the social committee.


(e) (i) The management committee to be kept informed of any money collected during matches/events and any such money to go through the club’s accounts.


(f)  All teams to pay fees as in Rule 5B & 5C, regardless of where they play.


(g) All players and managers will be responsible for the payment of fines in accordance with the club fines tariff (Rule 11) to recoup funds paid for disputes and fines in different circumstances.


(h) All monies received on behalf of sponsorship MUST be paid into the club accounts and cleared before any payment is made to suppliers.


(I) The treasurer will be in control of the accounts at all times. Funding will not be considered without a funding request form in the hands of the executive committee. After this time the committee will have 7 days to make a decision.


(I) (i) Should the amount required exceed £100 without prior sponsorship a decision will not be made until the executive committee meet to discuss the request.


(I) (ii) Funding request forms should be given to the committee at least 7 days before the funding is required and with as much possible notice for those that need action as per rule


(j) The treasurer will provide an up to date account of income and outgoings each month of all accounts.


(k) The treasurer, secretary and team secretaries will be the only officers permitted to collect and handle club monies. Any transaction completed for the club should have a receipt completed.


(l) Should ANY team of Great Bradfords FC wish to enter a cup competition £3 per player will be charged per match to cover costs of the competition, not included in the annual subscription.

(m) The Club may also in connection with the sports purposes of the Club:

(i) sell and supply food, drink and related sports clothing and equipment;
(ii) pay for reasonable hospitality for visiting teams and guests; and
(iii) indemnify the Club Committee and members acting properly in the course of the running of the Club against any liability incurred in the proper running of the Club (but only to the extent of its assets).

(n) The Club shall keep accounting records for recording the fact and nature of all payments and receipts so as to disclose, with reasonable accuracy, at any time, the financial position, including the assets and liabilities of the Club. The Club must retain its accounting records for a minimum of six (6) years.

(o) The Club shall prepare an annual “Financial Statement” in such format as shall be available from The FA from time to time. The Financial Statement shall be verified by an independent, appropriately qualified accountant and shall be approved by members at a General Meeting. A copy of any Financial Statement shall, on demand, be forwarded to The FA.


(a) The official club colours shall be: – BLACK/RED STRIPED SHIRTS, BLACK SHORTS, and BLACK SOCKS. Away kit shall be BLUE/BLACK STRIPED SHIRTS, BLUE SHORTS, and BLUE SOCKS


(b) All essential playing kit and training equipment will be provided by the club with the exception of football boots and shin pads. Any application for further equipment to be made in writing to the club secretary. All sponsorship payments are to be made by the treasurer directly to the supplier and are not to be purchased prior to authorisation. The club will purchase goalkeepers gloves to the value of £25.00 per team per season for Under 18 football.


(c) Managers of the teams shall bear the sole responsibility of all team kit, footballs etc. before the management committee accepts a managers’ resignation, all kit must be returned to and checked by the kit manager no later than 15th June.


(c) (i) Kit will be ordered by the kit manager but will be checked by TWO club officers before purchase. Kit will only be ordered from agreed club suppliers: 3Q Sports, Sport Matters, Net World, and Pitch Care.


(d) Any trophy awarded to any team within the club shall be the responsibility of that team manager. Any individual award made to any player within the club shall be the responsibility of the management committee. Any annual trophy awarded must be returned to the club management committee no later than 30th April in the playing season.


  1. FINES

(a) Club Fines Tariff;

(These fines will be imposed on players/committee + any extra FA fines)


Fine Reason

Maximum Fine


Late Payment of registration fees


Suspended until payment

Late Payment of an FA fine

£20 (FA imposed not club)

Suspended until payment

Any case of bringing the game or club in to disrepute

FA Fine

Club Disciplinary Hearing

League fine for being unable to fulfil a fixture

League Fine


League fine for incorrect match sheet, failed match sheet or failure to text/phone/email result.

Manager to pay fine imposed after first instance (Club will pay first instance)

After three instances meeting to be called to create T.I.P.*

Failure to set up match properly and therefore complaint with fine incurred from league/FA.

FA Fine

Club Disciplinary Hearing

Playing an ineligible player

Fine + £10

Club Disciplinary Hearing

Failure to return a trophy from previous season

Cost of replacement trophy

Suspended until return/payment

Any Child Welfare complaint


Suspended until investigation complete

Failure for team to be represented without accepted apologies on 3 occasions with playing season.


Club Note to Attend

*T.I.P. – Team improvement plan


(b) The management committee to be kept informed in respect of any fundraising activity by any age group, for whatever reason, and above the normal fundraising of the social committee.

All fines, or parts thereof, not paid will result in the matter being brought to the attention of the management committee.

The management committee’s decision shall be final and may include suspension of that person until any outstanding fine is paid. Club fines may be incurred as per the club fines tariff (47).


(c) Failure to pay owed fees to the treasurer in the specified time will involve penalties as per the tariff being imposed as well as contact to the county FA debt recovery scheme which may involve a full ban from ALL football.



(a) Great Bradfords Football Club will be ambassadors for the FA Kick It Out Campaign and as such managers and players should familiarise themselves with the campaign.


(b) The club will support four charities as a club and look to complete additional fundraising or where possible offer an annual donation; Stonewall UK LGBT+, MIND Charity, Helen Rollason Cancer Charity, British Heart Foundation and PARC.


(c) Each team are expected to hold a fundraising event each season to raise money for the club towards expenses throughout the season.


(c) (i) Each team are expected to buy a minimum of 6 tickets per team for club organised events ONLY.


(d). each summer a men’s memorial tournament shall be held in the memory of Club Co-Founder Maureen Baker.



(a) If a player suffers a long term injury, a gift will only be presented from the club if that injury was incurred whilst training, playing or travelling to or from a match for Great Bradfords FC. The decision of which will be solely down to the executive committee.


(b). On the weekend closest to the 22nd February Great Bradfords FC matches will all be organised at the home ground(s) to incorporate a club memorial day in memory of Club Co-Founder Maureen Baker and other club members.


(c) One week prior to the start of each season a working party consisting of ALL committee members are to meet at home ground(s) to prepare pitches for the forthcoming season.


(d) Fixtures may only be postponed by Secretary, Child Welfare Officer, Pitch Manager or Parish Council. Anything other than this must be left to the match official.


(d) (i) Postponement forms must be completed in accordance with specific league rules should a game be cancelled, regardless of the reason.


(d) (ii). Games being called off for refusal or teams being unable to field a team (unless a school related matter) will be subject to the club fines tariff (47).


(d) (iii). Should a game be called off for any reason the home team must notify; Club Chairman and Secretary, Opposition Manager, Referee, League Fixture Secretary, League Referee Secretary, Team Parents/Guardians.


(e) Club social media will only be controlled by the social media secretary. No other Great Bradfords sites will be permitted. All in club groups must be ‘secret groups’ to ensure safety. The club accepts this is a convenient way to contact parents/players however these sites will be monitored by the Child Welfare Officer.


(e) (i). Club Officers are not permitted to have players under the age of 16 on social media sites as per FA Child Safeguarding protocol.


(f) Great Bradfords FC will comply at all times with the club privacy notice, and comply with

General Data Protection Regulations (2017).


(g) Any match day kit is only to be worn on match days and not on any other occasion. Players will receive warnings and asked to replace the necessary kit.



(a) A resolution to dissolve the Club shall only be proposed at a General Meeting and shall be carried by the majority of at least three-quarters of the members present.


(b) The dissolution shall take effect from the date of the resolution and the members of the Executive Committee shall be responsible for the winding up of the assets and liabilities of the Club.


(c) Any surplus assets remaining after the discharge of the debts and liabilities of the Club shall be transferred to another Club, a Competition, the Parent County Association or The FA for use by them related to community sports.


(c) (i) The members present at any meeting in which a resolution to dissolve is passed may vote for assets of the club at the time to be distributed or donated to nominated club charities.